Creative Projects, with beautiful aesthetics and movements!

all of this in an organized and well thought way.



Don't worry! Your project is in good hands


Have a good ideia? Great! We will make a custom made script to your video

DESIGN and illustration

After the approved script, it's time to make things become visually beautiful


​3..2..1...animation! We'll animate the arts, making it move and telling the story the best way possible


Background, soundtrack, voice over, sound effects!

All of this aiming the best for your audience



I'm Rafael Folk and I have my own studio focused on Art Direction and Motion Design. Along with a team or partners and friends, we create, talk, organize, plan and execute according to the client's needs. In a creative and organized way. Straight to the point and using what video has best: narrative, timing, sound, image and all the surrounds this magic that is moving art.


I really like what I do, and I always ask myself: what do I like most, Art Direction or Motion? Well..I believe that the passion is for both!



Have a cool project in mind, want to show some references, or just say "hi"? Get in touch!


Blumenau - SC


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Tel: +55 (47) 98817-8450

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